Why companies switch to our solutions

How can ZUTOM help to the director of the company, to an IT manager and to an accountant?

The head of the company

Saving money

  • Pay just for the number of active users.
  • You don't have to pay IT specialists for unused time, regular training and deal with personnel issues.
  • Reduce the cost of IT equipment. The online software runs not only on your PC or laptop, but also on tablets and other mobile devices.
  • Overview of the processes in the company.

Secure data. Backup.

  • You can be sure that the data are securely stored.
  • The documents are under control. Employees don't get them out of the company.
  • Máte pod palcom všetky mobilné zariadenia. Vidíte aké zariadenia sú v prevádzke, kto a ako ich používa.All mobile devices under control. You can see what devices are in use, by whom and how they are used.
  • Data is backed up in geographically separate centers.

More time, less worries

  • Don't have to take care about power, data connection, air conditioning, maintenance, security, spare parts, service and so on.
  • Guaranteed performance, availability and fault elimination time.
  • The operation is ensured by professionals.
  • Access to business partners, affiliates and customers through a secure connection from the Internet.

Financial manager

Better planning of costs

  • If you rent the solution most costs are known in advance.
  • The most of the costs and the associated risks are transferred to the service provider.
  • No need to investment in a future to the technology development.
  • Reduce operating costs. You pay only for the services and performance of the extent to which they are using.
  • Reducing the risk of financial loss on loss of sales due to problems with the operation.

More efficient accounting

  • Colleagues can collaborate from anywhere in real time on the same client's data. Work from home or from a client.
  • Reports, invoices and other accounting documents are safely stored and backed up.
  • The client can get information and data files directly into online accounting software company.
  • Possibility to connect from your computer, phone or tablet.

Regular employee

Move cooperation in the company to a better level

  • Safely share all tasks, emails, calendars, contacts, documents and information between employees and company partners in real time.
  • Access applications everywhere and anywhere - from home or from remote offices.

Secure data storage without USB flash drives and other media

  • No need to have any data in the laptops or smartphones, which is an advantage for a case of theft.
  • In a case of theft, data can be remotely erased.

IT manager or owner of a software company

Instead of operation you could manage other areas of IT

Instead of obligations related to the operation of servers, applications, data backup and security, the IT department can devote more to the strategy, IT governance, and so on.

More time to monitoring trends, developing and testing of applications, designing innovation, solving customers and partners problems and monitoring of business processes.

The development of new applications without endangering of operation

Rent a server, or a platform for testing and expansion of new services and applications.

Application could be immediately made available to all users.

Better sales argument for customers

Demoapplications can be performed without the need for installation on the customer's machine, and after signing the contract could be immediately available.

Forma prenájmu pritiahne zákazníkov, ktorý by si ju v štandardných podmienkach nemohli dovoliť.
Form of lease attracts customers who wouldn't afford it in standard conditions.