9 reasons to use our infrastructure

By operation of simple systems for small developers to operation business critical solutions. Geographically separate data centers, and ISO certification for safety management system.

Pay as you go for small and large businesses

ZUTOM allows to customize services and solutions to the needs of companies. Whether it is a large multinational corporation, tiny little firm or IT company, specializing in application development.

First class technology

We have compiled network infrastructure of professional equipment Cisco Systems
The main element of the infrastructure are server systems and Fibre Channel storage (SAN) Fujitsu.
High flexibility and efficient operation of the service allows you achieve VMware virtualization platform.

Guaranteed availability

Geographically separate data centers ensure smooth operation at all times.
The operation has no link to the physical server. If one physical device fails, the virtual server will run somewhere else.
Customers can benefit guarantee high availability near 100 percent.

Low capital expenditure

Implementation of cloud solutions has lower initial cost compared to if the company implemented a project in-house.
Pay as you go model also allows easy forecasting and planning of operational costs.
Customers pay only for the actual use of capacity.

High level of security

ZUTOM are certified to ISO 27001: 2013 (Information Security Management System) for guaranteed data protection.

Datacentres security

Our data centers have a high level of security consisting of multiple stages of authorization for access of persons, including the record of entry and surveillance camera systems.

Provision of continuous operation

In a case of failure, all electrical and data connections of data centers are redundant, power outages are backed.

Data protection and regular backups

The data are protected against misuse by advanced firewalls and other security features, regular backups are stored in a remote data center.

Other advantages of ZUTOM infrastructure


System resources are available on request and grow with the needs and demands of the project. We have a huge capacity of servers that can be immediately used for the needs of clients.

Speed of deployment

Standard solutions are available almost immediately due to cloud infrastructure. For less demanding solutions is even a question of hours.

Less burden on the environment

Since 2007 we promote advanced technologies designed to increase operational efficiency and invest in facilities with lower energy intensity.