Overview by sectors

Do you run a store or you have an internet portal, are you a manufacturing company or do you have network of shops? This overview will help you to become familiar with our services.

I have a network of shops

Great tool for companies with lots affiliates is Zimbra e-mail.

It allows employees to have common access to email, contacts, tasks and documents in real time.

Streamline your business processes and save costs by sharing information of the state of stocks and centralizing data in a single ERP system.

If your problem is enormous costs in case of service outages for several minutes, then best solution for you is mission critical hosting.

I have a software company

By switching to cloud is software company able to offer its clients scalable solutions with higher availability and shorten reaction time in case of failure.

By renting a platform for the development and testing of new applications you will instantly get the necessary power and capacity, which can be flexibly adjusted according to needs and change.

Demo applications can be presented to the client without installing the software on his computer. After signing the contract is possible to extremely fast implement product to the client, without the need to wait for the physical infrastructure.

I have an eshop

You should outsource entire IT department with infrastructure, licensing, service and full-service and you'll save yourself trouble with the operation of the systems.

Necessary attributes for the operation of the system can be flexibly adapted to your needs, so you pay only for capacity that is really used.

In periods such as before Christmas, it is possible to increase capacity, so you can manage higher interest of customers.

Accounting company

Services Pohoda Online or Money Online allow safe access of employees, company owner or partners of the known economic software.

Anywhere, in real time

Moreover with various types of equipment such as a laptop, smartphone and tablet, which can also save on hardware equipment.

Acceleration of processes

Minimizes the need for the use of physical data carriers, invoices, statements, and so on. This will speed up the process and prevent leakage and data corruption.

Data security

All data is automatically backed up and in case of theft of company computers don't escape anywhere but remain secure cloud.

Testing Environment

The entire solution can be tested before deployment in a virtual test environment.

I have a portal

You don't need to solve the technical side - to build data centers, purchase a license or employ IT specialists. We take care of problem-free operation and data security.

Instead of purchasing you can rent a solution, then test the performance and if you aren't satisfied, you can easily opt for something else.

Resources can be seasonal raise or subtract as needed.