ZIMBRA e-mail

E-mails, contacts, calendar, tasks and files.

ZUTOM specializes in the area of e-mail services since 1996

Our company is a partner of Zimbra and at product the Zimbra Collaboration Suite, we have established a professional and comprehensive email service which is available to its users at any time and from anywhere.

Everything for me and the team

People in a team can share e-mails, manage contacts, share documents and files in a working group or write tasks to the calendar.

Access through all types of devices

Easy access via modern web interface, any standard web browser or client for e-mail.

Even from your tablet or phone.

The user can be anyone

Small or large businesses, educational institutions, government or academic environment.

The service also works on Linux or Mac OS environment.

Basically you have something like a online USB flash

Without having a fear that it will be somewhere lost or stolen.

The service is always available

The service is provided through a reliable hosting service provider with 99.9% guaranted availability.

Everything is managed

There is no need to run any hardware or software. We will provide you user and technical support.

The service also includes updating the server software.

Regular backups

The data is backed up daily for 30 days for case of damage or accidental deletion.

Don't worry with unnecessary issues - such as the fact that you have to purchase double disc.

Data security is a top priority

Zimbra is more than a regular email.

Secured email

Zimbra allows the exchange of encrypted emails.

Authorized access

The service has secure access to data with quality anti-viral and anti-spam protection.

Nobody unauthorized gets your data.


Zimbra offers archiving of email correspondence, which is especially useful for the purposes of compliance with legal and corporate guidelines.

Other benefits

Comfortable tool for user

The user interface is localized in Slovak language and offers excellent search capabilities in all the information through a variety of criteria.

You can also work offline

After connecting to the Internet, all entered data is synced and saved.

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