Known accountant software. Thanks to ZUTOM hosting available from the office, home and also from your accountant.

Service POHODA online allows using of economic software in an online mode.

With company Stormware, which program developed and sells, we cooperate years and we have proven to be a solid partner.

Access from anywhere

Issue an invoice, check the current status of your stock, or check unpaid invoices you can't only from your office, but calmly and comfortably from home or cafe.

From your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

It is real POHODA.

Easy operation

Complete solution. We take care of the whole environment, which POHODA runs. Since licenses, through data backup to antivirus.

We guarantee reliable operation without the long-term outages to availability at 99.9%.

Whenever there is also a hot-line.

Increasing the competitiveness and efficiency of work

Customers and employees in different locations have access to the same data in real time simultaneously.

Once documents it loaded into the system, anyone who has granted access, may possess anywhere, anytime. Customers don't need to buy a separate license.

Other benefits


The data don't remain deposited in computer in the office. All data is backed up on a physically separate data centers.

The servers are protected by firewalls of security technologies CISCO ASA. The system is monitored online and you will receive notification of its status.

The speed of integration

You could use software POHODA in all branches already after 1-2 days.

Solutions working together with system POHODA

www.pohoda.sk www.pohodaplus.sk

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