IBM Cognos Express

We are the only one in Slovakia, who operate IBM Cognos Express in form of cloud hosting.

IBM Cognos Express is the most widely used business analytics tool and also the only solution with all key features for reporting, analysis and planning for small and medium businesses.

Lower costs

Quality analysis could save millions to company.

When you chose form of hosting service is not necessary to invest simultaneously in major infrastructure, operation, licensing and IT departments.

Lower risk of investments

You will pay just for rent of solutions, which means that the initial costs and costs of operation shall be spread over time.

Then customer can easily test whether he is saving money.

If not, the service be may be discontinued at any time.

Easy decision making for the client

Our partner knows to build its service because of distribution costs, so customers can decide easily and quickly.

The customer has a chance to try entire operation in a test environment.

Support and proximity

We are a local partner focusing on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. This brings to our partners and customers several advantages.


The service is fully localized.

Mutual communication and customer support are without language barrier.

Intensive collaboration

We create solutions for regional customers together with a partner.

Due to the fact that we are near, we have intensive contact and we solve individual requirements of partners and customers.

Help for partners

We're able to help develop an adequate supply of the key selling points, do sizing and tailored services to meet business needs.

We also set solution for small-scale businesses, with the understanding of the local market.


If two firms implement one solution to the same enterprise, the result won't be the same. Therefore for implementation, you have to choose company that has a real experience and know-how.

Other benefits

Always available

Service availability is guaranteed. Access from anywhere and various types of devices.

Overview of traffic

You will have access to management of infrastructure and statistics of sources.


The solution will be implemented quickly and flexible enough to ongoing changes in the future.

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